klee::expr Namespace Reference


class  ArrayDecl
class  CommandDecl
 CommandDecl - Base class for language commands. More...
class  Decl
 Decl - Base class for top level declarations. More...
class  ExprVarDecl
 ExprVarDecl - Expression variable declarations. More...
struct  Identifier
 Identifier - Wrapper for a uniqued string. More...
class  Lexer
 Lexer - Interface for lexing tokens from a .kquery language file. More...
class  Parser
 Parser - Public interface for parsing a .kquery language file. More...
class  QueryCommand
struct  Token
class  VarDecl
class  VersionVarDecl
 VersionVarDecl - Array version variable declarations. More...


typedef ref< ExprExprHandle
typedef UpdateList VersionHandle

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◆ VersionHandle

Definition at line 28 of file Parser.h.