klee::ConstantArrayExprVisitor Class Reference

#include <ArrayExprVisitor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ConstantArrayExprVisitor (bindings_ty &_arrays)
bool isIncompatible ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from klee::ExprVisitor
ref< Exprvisit (const ref< Expr > &e)

Protected Member Functions

Action visitConcat (const ConcatExpr &) override
Action visitRead (const ReadExpr &) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from klee::ExprVisitor
 ExprVisitor (bool _recursive=false)
virtual ~ExprVisitor ()
virtual Action visitExpr (const Expr &)
virtual Action visitExprPost (const Expr &)
virtual Action visitNotOptimized (const NotOptimizedExpr &)
virtual Action visitRead (const ReadExpr &)
virtual Action visitSelect (const SelectExpr &)
virtual Action visitConcat (const ConcatExpr &)
virtual Action visitExtract (const ExtractExpr &)
virtual Action visitZExt (const ZExtExpr &)
virtual Action visitSExt (const SExtExpr &)
virtual Action visitAdd (const AddExpr &)
virtual Action visitSub (const SubExpr &)
virtual Action visitMul (const MulExpr &)
virtual Action visitUDiv (const UDivExpr &)
virtual Action visitSDiv (const SDivExpr &)
virtual Action visitURem (const URemExpr &)
virtual Action visitSRem (const SRemExpr &)
virtual Action visitNot (const NotExpr &)
virtual Action visitAnd (const AndExpr &)
virtual Action visitOr (const OrExpr &)
virtual Action visitXor (const XorExpr &)
virtual Action visitShl (const ShlExpr &)
virtual Action visitLShr (const LShrExpr &)
virtual Action visitAShr (const AShrExpr &)
virtual Action visitEq (const EqExpr &)
virtual Action visitNe (const NeExpr &)
virtual Action visitUlt (const UltExpr &)
virtual Action visitUle (const UleExpr &)
virtual Action visitUgt (const UgtExpr &)
virtual Action visitUge (const UgeExpr &)
virtual Action visitSlt (const SltExpr &)
virtual Action visitSle (const SleExpr &)
virtual Action visitSgt (const SgtExpr &)
virtual Action visitSge (const SgeExpr &)

Private Types

using bindings_ty = std::map< const Array *, std::vector< ref< Expr > > >

Private Attributes

std::unordered_set< unsigned > addedIndexes
bool incompatible

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file ArrayExprVisitor.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ bindings_ty

using klee::ConstantArrayExprVisitor::bindings_ty = std::map<const Array *, std::vector<ref<Expr> >>

Definition at line 36 of file ArrayExprVisitor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConstantArrayExprVisitor()

klee::ConstantArrayExprVisitor::ConstantArrayExprVisitor ( bindings_ty _arrays)

Definition at line 47 of file ArrayExprVisitor.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isIncompatible()

bool klee::ConstantArrayExprVisitor::isIncompatible ( )

Definition at line 49 of file ArrayExprVisitor.h.

References incompatible.

Referenced by klee::ExprOptimizer::optimizeExpr().

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◆ visitConcat()

◆ visitRead()

Member Data Documentation

◆ addedIndexes

std::unordered_set<unsigned> klee::ConstantArrayExprVisitor::addedIndexes

Definition at line 39 of file ArrayExprVisitor.h.

Referenced by visitConcat(), and visitRead().

◆ arrays

bindings_ty& klee::ConstantArrayExprVisitor::arrays

Definition at line 37 of file ArrayExprVisitor.h.

Referenced by visitConcat(), and visitRead().

◆ incompatible

bool klee::ConstantArrayExprVisitor::incompatible

Definition at line 40 of file ArrayExprVisitor.h.

Referenced by isIncompatible(), visitConcat(), and visitRead().

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