Time.h File Reference
#include "llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h"
#include <chrono>
#include <string>
#include <sys/time.h>
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struct  klee::time::Point
struct  klee::time::Span


namespace  klee
namespace  klee::time


std::string klee::time::getClockInfo ()
 Returns information about clock. More...
Span klee::time::getUserTime ()
 Returns time spent by this process in user mode. More...
Point klee::time::getWallTime ()
 Returns point in time using a monotonic steady clock. More...
Point klee::time::operator+ (const Point &, const Span &)
Point klee::time::operator+ (const Span &, const Point &)
Point klee::time::operator- (const Point &, const Span &)
Span klee::time::operator- (const Point &, const Point &)
bool klee::time::operator== (const Point &, const Point &)
bool klee::time::operator!= (const Point &, const Point &)
bool klee::time::operator< (const Point &, const Point &)
bool klee::time::operator<= (const Point &, const Point &)
bool klee::time::operator> (const Point &, const Point &)
bool klee::time::operator>= (const Point &, const Point &)
Span klee::time::operator+ (const Span &, const Span &)
Span klee::time::operator- (const Span &, const Span &)
Span klee::time::operator* (const Span &, double)
Span klee::time::operator* (double, const Span &)
Span klee::time::operator* (const Span &, unsigned)
Span klee::time::operator* (unsigned, const Span &)
Span klee::time::operator/ (const Span &, unsigned)
bool klee::time::operator== (const Span &, const Span &)
bool klee::time::operator<= (const Span &, const Span &)
bool klee::time::operator>= (const Span &, const Span &)
bool klee::time::operator< (const Span &, const Span &)
bool klee::time::operator> (const Span &, const Span &)
std::ostream & klee::time::operator<< (std::ostream &, Span)
 Span -> "X.Ys". More...
llvm::raw_ostream & klee::time::operator<< (llvm::raw_ostream &, Span)
Span klee::time::hours (std::uint16_t)
 time spans More...
Span klee::time::minutes (std::uint16_t)
Span klee::time::seconds (std::uint64_t)
Span klee::time::milliseconds (std::uint64_t)
Span klee::time::microseconds (std::uint64_t)
Span klee::time::nanoseconds (std::uint64_t)