Bits.h File Reference
#include "klee/Config/Version.h"
#include "llvm/Support/DataTypes.h"
#include <assert.h>
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namespace  klee
namespace  klee::bits32
namespace  klee::bits64


unsigned klee::bits32::maxValueOfNBits (unsigned N)
unsigned klee::bits32::truncateToNBits (unsigned x, unsigned N)
unsigned klee::bits32::withoutRightmostBit (unsigned x)
unsigned klee::bits32::isolateRightmostBit (unsigned x)
unsigned klee::bits32::isPowerOfTwo (unsigned x)
unsigned klee::bits32::indexOfSingleBit (unsigned x)
unsigned klee::bits32::indexOfRightmostBit (unsigned x)
uint64_t klee::bits64::maxValueOfNBits (unsigned N)
uint64_t klee::bits64::truncateToNBits (uint64_t x, unsigned N)
uint64_t klee::bits64::withoutRightmostBit (uint64_t x)
uint64_t klee::bits64::isolateRightmostBit (uint64_t x)
uint64_t klee::bits64::isPowerOfTwo (uint64_t x)
unsigned klee::bits64::indexOfSingleBit (uint64_t x)
uint64_t klee::bits64::indexOfRightmostBit (uint64_t x)