Version 3.0

Getting Involved

Getting Involved

If you are interested in contributing to KLEE, here is some relevant information.

KLEE is made available under the liberal UIUC open source license. All contributors to the KLEE codebase agree to release their contributions under this license.

The copyright for the code is held by the individual contributors of the code under the terms of KLEE’s license.

Mailing Lists

For both users and developers, the klee-dev mailing list is the central place for discussions, questions, and announcements.

If you have queries about KLEE that are not answered on this website, please send a message to the list rather than opening a GitHub issue.

However, before sending your message, please check klee-dev’s searchable archive to see if your question has already been answered.

Please note that only subscribers can post messages to the list, so you would need to subscribe to the list first. The first post of each member is moderated to avoid spam, so please allow up to a few days for your first message to be approved.

Commit messages to the KLEE repository go to klee-commits.

Bug Reports

If you find a bug in KLEE, please fill a bug report on GitHub. You might also want to report it on klee-dev.

Working with the Code

You should first check KLEE’s developer’s guide.

Developer documentation is written in Doxygen.

Many parts of KLEE rely on the LLVM infrastructure, so you might also want to look at LLVM’s General Programming Documentation.

Open Projects

This section lists a variety of open projects that are natural (and tractable) extensions of KLEE and things that we would love to see people work on. If you are interested in tackling any of the projects, please mail klee-dev with your ideas – or even better, submit your PRs directly on GitHub!

For other project suggestions, see Suggestions for improvement and possible KLEE enhancements, KLEE Extensions and KLEE’s Issues.